Souls, souls, souls
The Lost Souls are 9,999 generatively unique lost souls in need of saving. Souls were minted on 08/15/2021, and sold out in ~3 hours! Join us in our Discord server to chat!


Research at Lost Souls Sanctuary has lead us to uncover earth-shattering truths about how our souls navigate in the afterlife. What we've found is truly shocking ― something that various three letter agencies would try to suppress and slander if the information were released via mutable channels. Souls roam this very earth, frantically trying to make whole with the universe before their time is up and they are forever stricken to the bowels of the underworld. All hope is not lost! Through the discovery of the Higgs boson, a group of ghost-savers have established communication with 10,000 Lost Souls and struck a deal. The deal: a Sanctuary will be materialized to help the Souls discover their mistakes, change their lives, and pass through to the elusive good place. In return, residents of the Lost Souls Sanctuary will be given exclusive access to study the ectoplasmic layer that the Souls reside in, so we may better understand our mortal role here on Earth.

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Soul Pass

Souls also get you a Soul Pass.

Additional Data

The Soul Website has a way to view all your Souls, Soul Passes and Ghouls, as well as check the claim status for Soul Pass and Ghouls. This website will be phased out over the next two months and into our redesigned Marketplace site.